What can happen when workers lose their union?

Supreme Court cases and legislative attacks at the national, state and local levels - like “right-to-work” – are trying to weaken our Union contracts by weakening our Union. Public sector workers in Wisconsin learned the value of a strong Union the hard way. After anti-union Act 10 was passed in 2011 – including “right-to-work” – workers like us lost their rights to stand together and negotiate wages, benefits and working conditions. And they lost a lot of money – now they pay thousands more out-of-pocket for pensions and health care and they aren’t getting the wage adjustments they used to. Lower career wages mean lower pension payouts at retirement. Wisconsin shows what can happen when Union workers lose their labor rights and their Unions.

The Union Difference Calculator uses Wisconsin data to measure the difference a strong Union contract makes.

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This Calculator is for informational purposes only. It provides only an estimate of what your compensation would be based on current projections and the experience of local government workers in Wisconsin since the passage of Act 10 in 2011.

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